Country Dance Book, Part VI.


The Dance

The figures described above are the commonplaces of the Country Dance, and are to be found, one or other of them, in pretty nearly every dance. The rest - and they are infinite in number and variety - are described in the notations as they arise.


Rose is White and Rose is Red (Round for as many as will)
Peppers Black (Round for as many as will)
Mill-Field (Round for as many as will)
Sage Leaf (Round for as many as will)
Mundesse (Round for six)
Epping Forest (Round for six)
The Maid in the Moon (Round for six)
Dissembling Love; or, The Lost Heart (Longways for six)
The Night Piece (Longways for six)
Jack a Lent (Longways for six)
The Whish (Longways for six)
Mall Peatly (Longways for eight)
The Shepherd's Daughter (Longways for eight)
The Slip (Longways for eight)


The Mulberry Garden
Saturday Night and Sunday Morn
The Maid Peeped out at the Window; or, The Friar in the Well
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Mad Robin
Never Love thee More
Slaughter House
The Siege of Limerick
The Britains
Mr Englefield's New Hornpipe
Fourpence Half-Penny Farthing; or, The Jockey
From Aberdeen
My Lord Byron's Maggot
The Queen's Jig
Indian Queen
The Princess
The Round
Greenwich Park
The Jack's Farewell
Bury Fair
The Queen's Birthday
Dick's Maggot
Jack's Maggot
The Country Farmer
My Lady Foster's Delight
Apley House
Old Noll's Jig
Fy, Nay, Prithee John
Up With Aily
Nowill Hills; or, Love Neglected
Hunt the Squirrel
The Geud Man of Ballangigh
Round O
Mr Beveridge's Maggot

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart