Longways for as many as will; in one part (11th Ed., 1701)


(Duple minor-set.)
A11–4First couple leads up the middle of the set (w.s.).
5–8The first couple leads back again and, releasing hands, passes outside the second couple into the second place (sk.s.), the second couple, in the last four steps, leading up into first place.
A21–8The second couple does the same.
B11–4First man and first woman cross over and cast down below the second couple.
5–8First couple swings up the middle into first place.
B21–6All four clap their own hands on the first beat of each bar, partners clapping right hands on the second beat of fifth bar and left hands on the second beat of the following bar.
7–8The first couple casts down into second place; while the second couple leads up into first place (progressive).

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart