Maps to The Round’s Events

Maps to the Round’s events are (mostly) provided courtesy of Cambridge University.

  • Wesley Church Hall
  • The Champion of the Thames
  • Downing Place United Reformed Church
  • Parkside Community College
  • The Stoneyard Centre
  • Emmanuel College Old Library
  • St. Bede’s School
  • William Collyn Community Centre
  • Coleridge Community College
  • The Summer Round on Jesus Green
  • The Friends’ Meeting House
  • Castle Street Methodist Church Hall
  • The Maypole
  • Above The Rollers
    • Wesley Church refectory map

      This is where we meet every Thursday of full term. The entrance we use is through the green gates on King Street, at the back of the building next to the Epworth Court retirement home. Go up the access ramp beside the church and if the back door is open come in and turn right into the short corridor; if the door is locked then continue along the ramp to the fire exit door which we usually open for ventilation and come on in.

      Please leave any bikes in the racks outside the main entrance in Short Street; the people living round the back don't like their car park cluttered with church bikes. The main entrance will probably be locked, but if it is open you can follow the passage round the nave to a short corridor on the left leading to double doors into the refectory.

      The Champion of the Thames map

      This is the pub we retire to after the weekly Round meetings.

      Emmanuel United Reformed Church

      Otherwise known as Emma URC, this was where we used to hold our legendary ceilidhs, and occasional special events. Unfortunately it has been taken over by Pembroke College and is no longer available.

      Downing Place United Reformed Church map

      Downing Place URC is in Downing Place, just off Downing Street across from John Lewis.

      Parkside Community College map

      We have sometimes held ceilidhs here. The entrance is on Parkside, and there is plenty of parking in the playground. The ceilidhs are in the main school hall -- there should be signs, but if not go through the front door, turn right and follow the corridor round.

      If you are coming by car, be aware that Cambridge city centre is closed to non-essential traffic. You must come in from the inner ring road via Gonville Place or East Road. Don’t get caught out by following the signs for the ring road, which take you a long way out around South Cambridge.

      The Stoneyard Centre map

      Another place where we sometimes hold ceilidhs and other events. It is just off St Andrew’s Street, down a short passage next to St Andrew’s Street Baptist Church. The hall is upstairs, at the back of the building, and if you arrive late for an event you may need to ring the bell and wait for someone to come down and let you in.

      Emmanuel College Old Library map

      Otherwise known as Emma Old Library, we hold special events here from time to time. Come through the Porters’ lodge, and follow the signs; it’s through the passage on the left into New Court, then on your right.

      St. Bede’s School map

      We have often held the annual Playford Ball here. There is plenty of parking on-site.

      William Collyn Community Centre map

      This is in Wellbrook Way, Girton, CB3 0FW. Another site for the Playford Ball, which was held here in 2022.

      Coleridge Community College map

      This is in another place we sometimes hold special events. Access is from Radegund Road and if coming by car there is plenty of parking.

      The Summer Round on Jesus Green map

      This is where those of us who are left over meet (weather permitting) in the first half of the summer vacation for the Summer Round.

      The Friends’ Meeting House map

      This is where we often meet in the second half of the summer vacation, when the light doesn’t last for quite as long. It is next to the ADC, right on the corner of Jesus Lane and Park Street. We meet in the Ann Docwra room. Or sometimes it is in the Octagon of Wesley Church Hall.

      Castle Street Methodist Church Hall map

      We sometimes meet here during the summer. Just to keep you on your toes.

      The Maypole map

      This is where we retire after dancing on Jesus Green or in the Friends Meeting House.

      Above The Rollers map

      This is where we assemble the morning after the Playford Ball for the annual Punt Party.