The Playford Ball

The Round organises a Playford Ball each year, and invites past and present members of the Round to attend. It is a formal but relaxed chance to pretend you have just stepped out of a Jane Austen novel. All the dances are called, so it isn’t too scary, but some familiarity with the dances is assumed, so if you haven’t done much English country dancing before it would be a good idea to come to some of the regular Thursday meetings during the Easter Term.

The Ball is held on the Saturday following the last day of Cambridge University Easter Full Term, so in 2023 it will be on Saturday 17th June. and will be held at the same place as in 2022, the William Collyn Community Centre, Wellbrook Way, Girton, Cambridgeshire, CB3 0FW. map

This year the band will be Mostly Momentum, comprising Thomas Bending, Ali Ellacott, Lin Hetherington and Meg Winters.

Full details of this year’s ball, including arrangements for booking tickets, are available at

Hugh's History of the Round includes some information on the history of the Playford Ball.