Longways for eight; in three parts (2nd Ed., 1652)


First Part.
A1–4Partners lead up a double and fall back a double to places.
5–8That again.
B1–4First and second men, joining inside hands, lead a double to left wall, change hands, and lead back again, the first and second women doing the same; while third and fourth women lead a double to right wall, change hands and lead back again, third and fourth men doing the same.
5–8First and second couples lead up a double, change hands and lead back to places; while third and fourth couples lead down a double, change hands and lead back to places.
C1–4First and third men turn second and fourth women respectively; while second and fourth men turn first and third women (sk.s.).
5–8Partners turn (r.s.)

Second Part.
A1–4Partners side.
5–8That again.
B and CAs in First Part.

A1–4Partners arm with the right.
5–8Partners arm with the left.
B and CAs in First Part.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart