Longways for as many as will; in two parts (4th Ed., 1670)


First Part.
A1–4Partners lead up a double and fall back a double to places.
5–8That again.
B1–4Partners face. All fall back a double and move forward a double to places.
5–8Partners turn.

Second Part.
(Duple minor-set)
A1–4First and second men go back-to-back with their partners.
5–8First and second men go back-to-back; while first and second women do the same.
B1–2Hands-four half-way round (sl.s.).
3–4Partners change places (progressive).
5–8Second couple casts down into second place and leads up the middle to first place; while first couple leads up the middle to first place and casts down into second place.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart