Longways for as many as will; in one part (14th Ed., 1709)


(Triple minor-set.)
A11–8The first man, followed by his partner, heys through the second and third men (they standing still), passing outside second man, and returns to his place, his partner moving across to her place after passing round third man.
A21–8The first woman, followed by her partner, heys through the second and third women, passing outside the second woman, and returns to her place, her partner, after passing round third woman, moving across to his place.
B11–2First man changes places with second woman.
3–4First woman changes places with second man.
5–6Hands-four half-way round.
7–8First couple casts down into second place, the second couple moving up into first place (progressive).
B21–4First and second couples circular-hey, four changes, partners facing.
5–8Partners turn (sk.s.).

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart