Longways for as many as will; in one part (11th Ed., 1701)


(Duple minor-set.)
A1–2First man and first woman face down and set to the second couple, moving forward.
3–4First man and first woman fall back to places, turning single as they do so.
5–6Partners set, moving forward.
7–8All fall back to places, turning single.
B1–2First and second couples hands-four half-way round.
3–4Partners change places (progressive).
5–6First man passes clockwise round second woman into the second place on the women’s side; while first woman passes counter-clockwise round second man into second place on the men’s side (sk.s.).
7–8First man and first woman turn half-way round.

First couple set to second couple and turn single;
all set and turn single to partners
Circle four half-way, and cross over with partner;
ones half figure eight up through twos and half-turn back to own side

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart