Longways for eight; in two parts (1st Ed., 1650)


First Part.
A1–4All, facing up, set-and-honour to the Presence.
5–8Partners set-and-honour.
B11–2First and second men, joining inside hands, fall back a double, their partners doing the same; while third and fourth men and their partners do the same.
3–4Releasing hands, partners set, falling back with the single on the right foot, and moving forward with the single on the left.
5–8Partners cross over and change places.
B21–8Same again to places.

Second Part.
A1–4Top man leads his partner a double half-way down the middle and honours her.
5–8Top man leads his partner a double to the bottom and honours her (the other three couples moving up one place).
B1, B2As in First Part.
These movements are repeated three times to places.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart