Longways for as many as will; in one part (11th Ed., 1701)


(Duple minor-set.)
A11–2First man beckons to second woman, who thereupon dances four steps towards him.
3–4The second woman, beckoning to first man, falls back to place, the first man moving forward at the same time.
5–8First man turns second woman.
A21–8Second man and first woman do the same.
B11–4The two men lead between the two woman and cast off back to places.
5–6On the first beat of each bar all four clap their own hands; while on the second beat of fifth bar partners clap right hands and on the second beat of the following bar, left hands.
7–8As in bars 5–6.
9–12First couple casts down into second place, second couple leading up into first place (progressive).

A2 is generally interpreted as the second man beckons the woman to him first

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart