Country Dance Book, Part IV.

The figures described above are the commonplaces of the Country Dance, and are to be found, one or other of them, in pretty nearly every dance. The rest - and they are infinite in number and variety - are described in the notations as they arise.


Put on thy Smock on a Monday (Round for six)
The Gelding of the Devil (Round for six)
Oaken leaves (Round for eight)
Sellenger's Round; or, The Beginning of the World (Round for as many as will)
Heartsease (for four)
Hit and Miss (for four)
The Boatman (Longways for six)
The Whirligig (Longways for six)
Picking up Sticks (Longways for six)
Scotch Cap (Longways for six)
Greenwood (Longways for six)
Step Stately (Longways for three, five, seven or nine couples)
Aye me; or, The Symphony (Longways for eight)
Prince Rupert's March (Longways for eight)
The Health; or, The Merry Wassail (Longways for eight)


Halfe Hannikin (progressive; irregular)
The Collier's Daughter; or, The Duke of Rutland's Delight (Triple-minor-set)
Up Goes Ely (Triple minor-set)
Every Lad his Lass (Triple minor-set)
Epsom New Wells (Triple minor-set)
My Lady's Courant (Triple minor-set)
Orleans Baffled (Triple minor-set)
A Trip to Kilburn (Triple minor-set)
My Lady Winwood's Maggot (Triple minor-set)
The Maiden's Blush (Triple minor-set)
Jenny, come tie my Cravat (Triple minor-set)
Mr Isaac's Maggot (Duple minor-set)
The Fit's come on me now (Duple minor-set)
The Coronation Day (Duple minor-set)
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe (Duple minor-set)
Christchurch Bells (Duple minor-set)
The Whim (Duple minor-set)
Love lies a-bleeding (Duple minor-set)
Jacob Hall's Jig (Duple minor-set)
The Temple Change (Duple minor-set)
The Mary and Dorothy (Duple minor-set)
Jog on (Duple minor-set)
The Mock Hobby Horse (Duple minor-set)
Juice of Barley (Duple minor-set)
Maids' Morris (Duple minor-set)
Lilli Burlero (Duple minor-set)
Pool's Hole (Duple minor-set)
King of Poland (Duple minor-set)

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart