Longways for as many as will; in one part (9th Ed. 1695).


N.B. — The tune is in triple-time; i.e., three steps to the bar.
(Duple minor-set.}
A1–4First man turns second woman with the right hand and returns clockwise round second man to his place.
5–8First woman turns second man with the left hand and returns counter-clockwise round second woman to her place.
B1–4First and second men take hands, fall back six steps and move forward to places, turning single on the last three steps as they do so; while the first and second women do the same.
5–8First and second couples circular-hey, three changes, partners facing. All four face up in line, first man and first woman standing between second man and second woman.
9–10First and second couples, four abreast, with linked hands, lead up three steps and fall back three steps.
11–12First and second couple lead up three steps, the second couple staying in the first place, while first man and first woman cast down into second place (progressive).

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart