Longways for as many as will; in one part (10th Ed. 1698).


(Duple minor-set.}
Throughout this dance the leading couples are improper. Partners on reaching the top or bottom of the Set must therefore remember to change places.
A1–4The first couple being improper, first man and second woman turn once-and-a-half round and change places; while second man and first woman do the same.
5–8First and second men cross over and change places with their partners, and then, turning their partners half-way round, fall back to the same places.
B11–2First couple leads up to the top; while second man and second woman cast down into the second place.
3–6Circular-hey, three changes, partners facing (progressive; improper).
B21–6First woman and first man cross between second man and second woman and pass, the first woman clockwise round second woman, the first man counter-clockwise round second man, meet, turn half-way round and fall back to places.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart