Longways for as many as will; in one part (Vol 3, c. 1728).


N.B. — The tune is in triple time, i.e., three steps to the bar.
Running-step throughout the dance.
(Triple minor-set.}
A1–4First man and first woman cast off into the second place (second couple moving up into the first place), turn each other half-way round and change places (improper), cast off again and meet below third couple.
5–8First man and first woman lead up the middle to the top and cast off into the second place (still improper).
B1–2First man moves into the middle and, facing down, goes hands-three with the third couple half-way round; while first woman, facing up, does the same with the second couple.
Second and third men have changed places with their partners; while first woman is standing above the second couple, facing down, and first man below the third couple, facing up.
3–4First man and first woman meet, turn half-way round and fall back, each into the other’s place.
5–6First man (standing above second couple, facing down) goes hands-three with second couple half-way round; while first woman (standing below third couple, facing up) does the same with third couple.
7–8Second and third men turn their partners; while first man and first woman face, turn three-quarters round, and fall into the second place (progressive; proper).

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart