Longways for as many as will; in one part (8th Ed. 1690).


(Duple minor-set.}
A1–4First man and first woman lead down the middle below second couple, cast up and return to places.
5–8Second man and second woman lead up the middle, cast down and return to places.
B11–2First man and second woman change places.
3–4First woman and second man change places.
5–6All fall back a double.
7–8All move forward a double, turning single as they do so.
B21–2First and second men cross over and change places with their partners.
3–4First and second men move backward into the other’s place; while first and second women do the same.
5–8Circular-hey, three changes, partners facing (progressive).

[B2 is really a half right and left through (followed by three changes), except that since, just to complicate matters, you are moving backwards rather than forwards you actually pass right both times.]

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart