Longways for as many as will; in four parts (1st Ed. 1650).


First Part.
A11–4All lead up a double and fall back a double to places.
5–8Partners set and turn single.
A21–8All that again.

Second Part.
(Duple minor-set.}
A1–4First man, with his back to the Presence, faces his partner and, taking her by both hands, falls back two steps and then pushes her down the middle between second man and second woman.
5–8First man and second couple hands-three round first woman (first man standing on the right of second man), first couple falling into second place, second couple into first place (progressive).

Third Part.
(Duple minor-set.}
A1–4First man takes first woman by both hands, pushes her down behind second woman, and then into second man’s place, he moving into second woman’s place; while second couple moves up into the first place (progressive, improper).
5–8First and second men turn their partners.
In the next round, first man pushes his partner behind third man into third woman’s place (progressive, proper).

Fourth Part.
A1–4First man and first woman cast down and stand on the outside of second man and second woman respectively, all four facing up. Taking hands, all move up a double and fall back a double, the first couple into the second place, the second couple into the first (progressive).
5–8First and second men arm their partners with the right.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart