The Round 1947-48


Chairman: Marianne Hill (CTC)
Senior Treasurer: William Palmer
Dr A L Peck (Christ's)
Dr W R S Wortley (Caius)
Dr M (Peggy) E Brown (Girton)
Roger Longbottom
Merry Bland (Girton)
Vivienne Hersee
John Shaw
Betty Wroe (Girton)
Organisatrix:Barbara BrayBetty Wroe (Girton)Betty Wroe (Girton)
Organiser:Kenneth Stewart (Trinity)??Rollo Woods (Jesus)


Thursdays 8:30-10:15, Saturdays 4:45-6:30 In the Technical College Gym.
Thursdays only in the Long Vac Term
9d per meeting or 5/- per term for one meeting per week or 8/- per term for both meetings


Lent Term Party Thursday March 11th, Technical College Gym; attendance: 40-50
Thursday June 3rd 1948 "Party with the Reels"
Thursday June 10th 1948; MCs: William Palmer + Arthur Peck; attendance: 50
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
The Phoenix
Old Noll's Jig
Parson's Farewell
Jack's Maggot
The Bishop
Mad Robin
Step Stately
The Round
Cumberland Square Eight
Bury Fair
Refreshments -  Morris
Greenwich Park
The Fandango
Up Goes Ely
Soldiers Joy
If All the World Were Paper
Juice of Barley
Sellengers Round
An undated piece of paper (about November 1947) gives C# Club Party Programme
Hey boys, up go we
Piper's Fancy
Indian Queen
The Fandango
Round display: Step Stately
Thady you gander
Bury Fair
La Russe
C# Club display
A Trip to Paris
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Sellengers Round
The Bishop
Morpeth Rant
Mage on a Cree
Geudman of Ballangigh

Note that a Round party toured Norway during the summer of 1948
Meeting programmes top ten dances:
  44 KRS
  19 Morpeth Rant
  15 Step Stately
  15 Soldier's Joy
  13 The Old Mole
  13 Mage on a Cree
  12 Whirligig
  12 Phoenix
  12 Mr Beveridge's Maggot
  11 Up Goes Ely
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