The Round 1949-50


Chairman: Kathleen Holding (Newnham)
Organisatrix: Margaret Martin (Newnham)
Organiser: Laurence Clarke (Trinity)
Senior Treasurer: Dr M (Peggy) E Brown (Girton)
William Palmer
Dr A L Peck (Christ's)
Merry Bland (Girton)
John Bremer (Pembroke)
Ian Browne (Magdalene)
Margaret Green (Newnham)
Marianne Hill (Newnham)
Ruth Holt (Girton)
Betty Shaw (Girton)
Rollo Woods (Jesus)


7/6 a term if you attend 2 meetings a week, 5/- for one a week.
Thursdays 8:30-10:15, Saturdays 4:45-6:30 In the Technical College Gym.
Sword Dancing Wednesdays 6-7, Mansfield Hall, River Lane.
Singing evenings: Sundays October 30th, February 26th.

Other events

Parties: Thursdays 1st December, 16th March, 8th June. Attendance 50-60
Saturday 18th February visit of the Oxford C# club joint party (MC:Kathleen Holding)
Christchurch Bells
Jack's Maggot
Merry Merry Milkmaids
Double Lead Through
Parson's Farewell
Morpeth Rant
Speed the Plough
 Display: Step Stately
Cumberland Square
The Bishop
Hunsdon House
Juice of Barley
American Square Dance
Norfolk Long Dance
Circassian Circle

A couple of Norwegian dancers (+ a musician) visited Cambridge on the weekend October 15-16 as part of a tour of Britain; an informal show was arranged in Girton Old Hall on the Sunday, with CMM, Strathspey & Reel club and the Round.
Committee members departed from a meeting on January 20th in Trinity by a performance of Helston Furry round Great Court.
A group from C# visited Cambridge on Saturday February 18th for a joint party. (Arriving at 3; dance 4-6.30, eat dinner and then depart at 8.30)
30th April-1st May 1950: Visit to C# (Oxford) (Tales of solo Morris Jigs and dancing Dargason in the coach)
The Round party spent the night at a Guide Camp, and on May 1st danced at the head of the procession up "The High" from Magdalen Tower (the Oxford C# club followed). The result was that that evening the brief BBC TV News clip of "the dancing at Oxford" only showed the Cambridge Round!
Meeting programmes top ten dances:
  52 KRS
  19 Phoenix
  17 Parson's Farewell
  15 Step Stately
  15 Old Noll's Jig
  15 Hey Boys, up go we
  13 The Old Mole
  13 Sion House
  13 Juice of Barley
  12 Whirligig
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