The Round 1946-47


Chairman: Ted Purver (Kings)
Senior Treasurer: William Palmer
Dr A L Peck (Christ's)
Dr W R S Wortley (Caius)
Dr M (Peggy) E Brown (Girton)
Merry Bland (Girton)
Barbara Bray
Brian Chapman
Allen Edwards
Vivienne Hersee
Elizabeth Poyser
Betty Wroe (Girton)
Organisatrix:Merry Bland (Girton)Marianne Hill (CTC)Marianne Hill
Organiser:Brian ChapmanRoger LongbottomRoger Longbottom


Thursdays 8:30-10:15, Saturdays 4:45-6:30 In the Technical College Gym.
Thursdays only in the Long Vac Term


Michaelmas Term Party Thursday November 29th, 8:15-11:00, Technical College Gym
Attendance: 60; music: Grace North on piano
March 13th 1947; MCs: William Palmer + Arthur Peck
Soldiers Joy
If all the world were paper
Old Noll's Jig
The Phoenix
Jack's Maggot
Parson's Farewell
Dick's Maggot
The Bonny Bonny Broom
Greenwich Park
The Health
   "Hic salient morisci"
Geud man of Ballangigh
Step Stately
The Morpeth Rant
Sellengers Round
Easter Term Party Thursday June 5th, 8:00-11:15, Technical College Gym
Attendance: Hordes; music: Grace North on piano
Meeting programmes top ten dances:
  48 KRS
  25 Step Stately
  22 Parson's Farewell
  19 Phoenix
  19 Mr Beveridge's Maggot
  17 Morpeth Rant
  17 Greenwich Park
  15 Jack's Maggot
  14 The Old Mole
  14 Old Noll's Jig
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