The Round 1935-36


Chairman: Robert Ross (St John's)
Treasurer: Dr J Needham (Caius)
Organisatrix:Betty Hanniford (Newnham)Catherine Hartley (Girton)Myfanwy Jones (Girton)
Organiser:Robert MacDowall (Magdalene)John Salter (Magdalene)Frank Stubbins (Emmanuel)
Mary Cross Girton
Delia Simpson Newnham
Betty Hanniford Newnham
Arthur Peck
Russell Wortley
Robin McDowall Magdalene
Frank Stubbins Emma

March 13th The Round entered a Cambridge Branch EFDSS competition where the adjudicator (Kathleen Constable) was rude about their rendering of Oranges and Lemons (though she rated Jack's Maggot "Very Good") placing the Round third out of four entries


9th March 1935 Perse School Hall 8-11:30
The Butterfly
Hey Boys Up Go We
The Comical Fellow
Apley House
Christchurch Bells
Durham Reel
The Long Eight
Maids Morris
Epping Forest
Three Meet

Running Set
Gathering Peascods
Jack's Maggot
[Mage on a Cree]
Piper's Fancy
[The Maid peeped out of the Window]
Sellengers Round
A Trip to Paris
[Soldier's Joy]
{The Black Nag]
[The Old mole]

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