The Round 1933-34


Chairman: Margaret Burgess (Newnham)
Treasurer: Dr J Needham (Caius)
Organisatrix:Mary Cross (Girton)Eileen Pealser (Girton)Jacqueline Berry (Newnham)
Organiser:Blandy Stole (Caius)Robert Ross (St John's)John Saunders (Selwyn)
Dorothy Needham
Delia Simpson
Arthur Peck
Conway Waddington
Herbert Spong
David Callum
Russell Wortley
Jacquelene Berry Newnham
Eileen Peakes Girton
Sidney Smith Cats
John Saunders Selwyn
Robert Ross Trinity


Nov 29 1933 Masonic Hall 8:30 - 11:45
The Touchstone
The Boatman
The Wedding
Hit and Miss
Piper's Fancy
The Geudman of Ballangigh
Durham Reel
Hast to the Wedding
The Triumph
Greensleeves and Yellow Lace
The Spaniard
[Step Stately]
The Dressed Ship
[Mr Beveridges Maggot]
Running Set
[Lasses of Portsmouth]
[Chelsea Reach]
[] = not danced

In June 1934 the Newnham Folk Dance Society reported that "The continued inactivity of the Society during the past year was due to the fact that the Round had run fortnightly parties, instead of only one a term as was previously the case."

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