The Round 1934-35


Chairman: Mary Cross (Girton)
Treasurer: Dr J Needham (Caius)
Organisatrix:Joan Hanniford (Newnham)Mary Beck (Newnham)Rosemary Streetfield (Girton)
Organiser:Robert Richards (Westminster)Mr R Wortley (Caius)Sidney Smith (St Catharine's)
Dorothy Needham
Delia Simpson
Mary Beck Newnham
Rosemary Strearfield Girton
Arthur Peck
Conway Waddington Christ's
Russell Wortley
Blandy Stote (Caius and Westcott)
Sydney Smith Cats
Robert Ross St John's

The committee decided that on "Tuesday evenings" Arthur Peck, Bob Ross, Russell Wortley and Robert Richards should be responsible for a more thorough teaching of technique, and that Running Set should be included giving 8:15-9:45 Country Dance, 9:45-10:15 Running Set


Nov 13 Trinity OCR 8:30-11:30
It was noted that dancing Running Set as part of an interval was superior to ending with Sellenger's Round, and then launching into Running Set
The Round
Hunsdon House
Christ Church Bells
Jack's Maggot
Hey Boys
Piper's Fancy
If all the world were Paper
Step and Fetch Her
Greensleeves and Yellow Lace

Kentucky Running Set
Three Meet
Picking up Sticks
The Geud Man of Ballangigh
Durhanm Reel
Sellenger's Round

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