The Round 1942-43


Chairman: Peggy Brown (Girton)
Senior Treasurer: William Palmer
John Dibdin (Emma)
Sheila Harvey (Newnham)
Arthur Peck
Joan Spaul (Newnham)
Ruth Scott (Newnham)
Vivienne Waddington
Russell Wortley
Organiser:Helen Russ (Girton)Helen Russ (Girton)Helen Russ (Girton)


Saturdays, 4.15-6.30 at Fitzroy Hall. Typically 30 dancers doing 10 dances to Grace North's piano


Michaelmas Term Party Thursday November 26th, 7:00-10:30 Sidgwick Hall, Newnham
Attendance: 35; music: Grace North on piano
Apley House
If all the world were paper
Gathering Peascods
Parson's Farewell
Hey, Boys, Up go we
Merry, merry milkmaids
Orleans Baffled
Greenwich Park
Greensleeves and Yellow Lace
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Mage on a Cree
    (more lemonade)
Step Stately
The Guidman of Ballangigh
Old Noll's Jig
Sellenger's Round
Lent Term Party Thursday March 4th, 7:30-10:30 Sidgwick Hall, Newnham
Attendance: 14; music: Grace North on piano
Note: an all-women side danced Dearest Dicky; though it appears CMM were not in attendance (though Russell Wortley danced Princess Royal). Easter Term Party Thursday May 27th, 7:30-10:00 Fitzroy Hall
Attendance: 18; music: Grace North on piano
Report to the EFDSS Cambridge branch from The Round 1942-3
The year 1942-3 has been a very successful one in the annals of the Round. Many new members have been welcomed to the meetings which were held in the Fitzroy Hall every Saturday during Full Term. Membership was high in spite of the dearth of men. The terminal parties, a great success, were held in Sidgwick Hall, Newnham College, whilst a fourth party took place on a mid term Saturday afternoon in the Fitzroy Hall. The standard of dancing became progressively higher and such was the keenness of the dancers that it was decided to devote part of the meetings to the teaching of the Kentucky Running Set. A Morris class for a smaller number was also held earlier on Saturday afternoons. During the course of the year the Round has lost Dr Peck to Oxford and very much regrets his absence. Several other members have gone down and are much missed, but it is hoped that the coming year will replenish the Round's numbers, especially with musically gifted members.

Meeting programmes
top ten dances:
     15 Orleans Baffled
     14 Step Stately
     14 Old Noll's Jig
     13 Mr Beveridge's Maggot
     12 KRS
     10 The Health
     10 Nonesuch
      9 Parson's Farewell
      9 Dick's Maggot
      8 Childgrove
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