The Round 1941-42


Chairman: Doreen Tylecote
Senior Treasurer: William Palmer
Peggy Brown (Girton)
Joan Edwards
Margery Elliott
Arthur Peck
Vivienne Waddington
Russell Wortley
Organisatrix:Joan Spaul (Newnham)Joan SpaulHelen Russ (Girton)
Organiser:----Allen Edwards (Sidney)


Saturdays, 4.30-6.30 at Fitzroy Hall. Typically 30 dancers doing 10 dances to Grace North's piano


Michaelmas Term Party Thursday December 4th, Sidgwick Hall, Newnham
Attendance: 28; music: Grace North on piano + Margery Elliott on recorder or half a piano duet)
Child Grove
The Boatman
Jack's Maggot
Orleans Baffled
The Hole in the Wall
The Milesian
Step Stately
Old Noll's Jig
The Health
Up Goes Ely
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
The Morpeth Rant

Hey Boys, up go we
Bury Fair

Other Events

Cambridge EFDSS ran a One Day School (on 25 October 1941) and records a total of 35 people attending, with the following from The Round:
M.Kelly, Windsor, Wadge, Phillips, M. Burnaby, Crookshank, A. Edwards, P Walters.
Report to the EFDSS Cambridge Branch, from The Round 1941-42
During the last year, the Round has held a meeting every Saturday afternoon during Full term, except on two occasions when Miss Margery Kahn was conducting 'one-day schools'. The average attendance was about twenty-five persons, and the standard of dancing has been high, increasing during the year. A large selection of Playford dances were learnt, and during the Lent and Easter Terms, part of each evening was used for Kentucky Set Running. Four parties were held during the year, two at Newnham college, and one at the Fitzroy Hall, and one in the grounds of Girton College. All were well attended, and very successful. During the Lent Term, an extra class was arranged on Tuesday evenings, originally for the benefit of beginners, but since few of those could attend it, the time was used for the practice of Morris Dancing and Kentucky Running Set by more advanced dancers. The loss of a number of enthusiastic members at the end of the academic year is much regretted, but it is hoped that the coming year will be as successful as 1941-2.
Meeting programmes
top ten dances:
      8 Up Goes Ely
      8 Jack's Maggot
      8 Apley House
      7 Step Stately
      7 Old Noll's Jig
      7 Mr Beveridge's Maggot
      7 Lilliburlero
      6 The Phoenix
      6 The Health
      6 Parson's Farewell
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