Dora Jeanne (Jane) Schofield

Born: 1907 05 29 Dora Jeanne Schofield
Married Henry Albert Fosbrooke (St John's), March 1933, 1 son, 1 daughter
Died February 1984
Geography Tripos at Newnham college 1926-30
Diploma in Anthropology 1930
MA 1933

Teacher at Sherborne Girls School 1931-33
Missionary in Tanganyika 1944-45
Missionary in North Rhodesia 1950-60

Her Newnham College Roll entry read:- SCHOFIELD, DORA JEANNE (Mrs FOSBROOKE): b. 29 May 1907 in London, dau of Dr S.R. Schofield, med. pract., and Sarah Elizabeth McMillan, novelist; m. 17 Mar. 1934 Henry Albert Fosbrooke, Colon. Service: 1s.,1d.. Educ. St Paul's Girls' Sch. London; Newnham 1926-30; Geog. Trip. Pts I & II Cl.II 1927, 29; Dipl. in Anthrop. 1930; M.A. 1933. A.M. Sherborne Girls' Sch. 1931- 33; med. trainee at Livingstone Coll. Walthamstowe (missionary course) 1933. Supervisor of African prim. schs Mbulu Distr. Tanganyika 1944-45; A.M. Arush (Eur.) Sch. 1950-51, at Agakhan Indian Sch. Arusha 1953, at Munali African Sec Sch. Lusaka, N. Rhodesia 1956-60; returned to Arusha, Tanganyika. Publ. Notes & Records: on pre-historic rock paintings in Tanganyika.

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