The Round 1958-59


Chairman: Antony Heywood (Clare)
Organisatrix: Ann Harding
Organiser: John Wells (Trinity)
Senior Treasurer: William Palmer
Junior Treasurer: Martin Knott (Clare)
John Allen
Judy Andrews
Dora Heard (Newnham)
Peter Osborne (Peterhouse)
Arthur Peck
Mary Rhodes (Girton)
Beryl Shadbolt


Thursdays and Saturdays, Study Round at 3.30 on Saturdays (no Saturday meetings in Easter term)
7/6 per term or 17/6 per year; occasional visitors 1/- per meeting

Other events

"Nov 30th being the Round's 30th anniversary the committee decided to mark the occasion by holding a dinner party before the end of term party on Sat Nov 29th. The founder members, Mrs Fosbrook and Mr and Mrs Coales together with Mrs M. Heffer and Grace were suggested as guests of honour."
Bury Fair
Hyde Park
Jacob hall's Jig
The Bishop
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Shrewsbury Lasses
Old Noll's Jig
The Fandango
Indian Queen
Step Stately
Oranges and Lemons
Greenwich Park
The Geudman of Ballangigh
Sellenger's Round

(Michaelmas term party was in Clough Hall, Newnham)
Sunday Feb 8th: Visit of Oxford C# club, dance at 2:30, John Allen and Jim Greenwood as MCs.

Playford Ball

7:45-11:4513th June 1959Masonic Hallprice: £ ? (profit: £10)Attendance: "about 80"
Never Love thee more
Chelsea Reach
Parson's Farewell
Step Stately
The Bishop
Picking up Sticks
Jacob Hall's Jig
The Princess
Hunsdon House
Lovely Nancy
The Fandango
Jenny Pluck Pears
Sion House
The Old Mole
The Hole in the Wall
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Shrewsbury Lasses
Claremont House
The Geudman of Ballangigh
Sellenger's Round

Meeting programmes top ten dances:
  22 KRS
  15 Fandango
  14 Whirligig
  14 Bury Fair
  13 Picking up Sticks
  13 Childgrove
  12 The Bishop
  12 Newcastle
  11 Step Stately
  10 Oranges and Lemons
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