The Round 1955-56


Chairman: Reggie Welbank (Trinity)
Organisatrix: Isobel King
Organiser: Richard Wood (St John's)
Treasurer: William Palmer
Arthur Peck
Marianne Hill
Angela Baston
Stephen Davies (Emmanuel)
Angus Duke (Emmanuel)
Jim Greenwood (Clare)
Tony Osborne (Emmanuel)
Katharine Palmer (Newnham)
Dora Pease (Newnham)
Joan Watkins (Homerton)


Thursdays 8:45-10:15 and Saturdays 4:30-6:15 at the Technical College Gym
9/- a term if you attend 2 meetings a week, 6/- for one a week; 1/- for a single meeting

Other events

Visit from C# club, Oxford. Sunday 4th March 1956, Labour Hall
2:15-4:30, then dispersed to various rooms for tea before going home
about 30 arrived by coach. MCs: Angela + Reggie
Queen's Jig
Jack's Maggot
The Triumph
The Bishop
The Cumberland Square Eight
The Indian Queen
The Fandango
Morpeth Rant
The Piper's Fancy
Greenwich Park
Geud Man of Ballangigh
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Hull's Victory
La Russe
Sellenger's Round

Playford Ball

9th June 1956"Norfolk Street" (Labour Hall, I presume)
Never love thee more
The Queen's Jig
Sion House
Orleans Baffled
Lull me Beyond Thee
Geudman of Ballangigh
Greensleeves and Yellow Lace
Greenwich Park
Shrewsbury Lasses
Morpeth Rant
Oranges and Lemons
The Bishop
Step Stately
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Claremont House
The Hole in the Wall
The King of Poland
Chelsea Reach
The Princess
Mulberry Gardens
Jacob hall's Jig
Hunsdon House
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Sellenger's Round

Note that Grace North (Pianist) was paid 12/6 for the Easter Term Party in Newnham
Meeting programmes top ten dances:
  32 KRS
  11 Step Stately
  10 Childgrove
   9 The Indian Queen
   9 Phoenix
   9 Parson's Farewell
   9 Newcastle
   9 Mr Beveridge's Maggot
   9 Morpeth Rant
   9 Fandango
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