John Playford Senior family tree

born about 1590
Died Jan 8th 1614
St Michael at Pleas?????
John PLAYFORD of Norwich
born approx 1590/1
apprenticed 1605 to Thomas ANGLISHE
freeman 1612
| |
Born about 1610
Admitted to Corpus Christie College, Cambridge 1625
BA 1628, MA 1632
Rector of Stanmer, Sussex 1639
Rector of Gt. Stanmore, Middlesex 1648
Died before Apr 22nd 1659
= 1649 =
St Michaels, Crooked Lane
Eleanor MALL
of Abchurch
= about Dec 15th 1667 =
St James's Clerkenwell
Randolph NICHOLL
Died about 1690
John PLAYFORD (publisher)
born 1623
apprenticed 1639/40 to John BENSON
Shop near Temple Church 1641
Clerk to Temple Church 1653
Lived Arundel Street 1650-1656
First published "The English Dancing Master" 1651
Lived Islington 1656-80
Died December 1686
Buried in Temple Church
Will: dated Nov 5th 1686, proved Aug 1694

Typed in from notes by E J Nichol "Family Tree of John PLAYFORD" in the EFDSS VWML at Cecil Sharp House.
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