Longways for as many as will; in one part (Vol 3, c. 1728).


(Triple minor-set.}
A11–4First man and first woman set and cast down into second place, second couple moving up into first place.
5–8First man and first woman lead through the third couple and cast up into second place (progressive).
A21–8First man goes figure of eight with third couple, passing counter-clockwise round the third woman and clockwise round the third man; while first woman does the same with second couple, passing counter-clockwise round second man and clockwise round second woman (sk.s.).
B11–4First, second and third couples hands-six.
5–8First, second and third men go back-to-back with their partners.
B21–8First man and first woman lead down through third couple, cast up to the top and lead down the middle to second place.
First man turns his partner.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart