It is proposed to form a Club for members of the University and Women's Colleges for the purpose of organising Country Dance parties. There is already a branch of the English Folk Dance Society in Cambridge which organises classes and weekly Socials in the town, but it is felt that there may be members of the University who are interested in Folk Dancing, but who have not time to go to the regular classes.

The Club will have parties once a term, possibly preceded by a class for those who wish to learn the dances beforehand. The first meeting will be a party, and will be held at 8 p.m. on Friday November 30th (white flannels), in St Columba's Hall.

The program will consist of simple dances, so that no previous knowledge will be required. It would be of assistance in the arrangements for the first meeting if those who think they may be able to come would reply to:

                                24, Parsonage Street,
                                Newnham College

No date was given on the original, but November 30th was a Friday in 1928.
original notice

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