The Round Constitution - 1928


  1. The Club shall be called The Round.
  2. The Club shall hold a Country Dance Party in each of the University terms, preceded by a class, at which dances for the party shall be taught
  3. Membership shall be open to members of the University and their wives, members of the Cambridge Morris Men and their wives, and members of Girton and Newnham Colleges and their husbands.
  4. The annual subscription shall be 5s., payable at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term. Associate members (those wishing to join for one term only) shall pay a subscription of 2s.
  5. The Club shall be organised by a committee of not less than 10, and not more than 20, and a treasurer elected by the committee.
    1. Only full members shall be eligible to serve on the commitee.
    2. At the end of each academic year, the committee shall co-opt members to fill the vacancies occurring in the following year.
    3. After 3 years' service on the committee members shall resign, but may be re-elected.
  6. At the end of each academic year the committee shall elect a Chairman, who shall be in statu pupillari, and shall hold office throughout the following academic year.
  7. The committee shall, in each term, elect as Organisers for the following term, 2 members (one man and one woman, both in statu pupillari) who shall be responsible for:
    1. Arranging the date and place of the party and class.
    2. Arranging the halls and pianist for the party and class.
    3. Obtaining the permission of the Junior Proctor, and informing the Secretary of the E.F.D.S. County Branch.
    4. Sending out notices and cards to members and guests.
    5. Taking the class.
    6. Arranging for M.C.'s at the party.
    7. Inviting to parties guests of the Club.
    8. Arranging for refreshments at the party.
    9. Keeping a record of the parties.
  8. Any member of the Club shall be allowed to bring as a guest to the class and party, any man, eligible for membership, who has not previously been a guest of the club.
  9. "First Years" shall be allowed to attend one party free in their first term.
  10. Only members, guests under rules (9) and (10), and guests invited by the Organisers shall be allowed to attend parties.
  11. The committee shall be empowered to send a team from The Round to perform at Festivals, and to incur expenses for the rehearsing of the team. Not more than 20 per cent of the annual income of the Club shall be used for this purpose, and then only if the expenses of parties are not interfered with.
  12. The committee shall have power to suspend, change, or add any rule by a two-thirds majority of the whole committee.
  13. Full members shall be presented with a copy of the rules at the time of joining the Club.
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