The Round 2019-2020


Chairman: Leah Thomas (Corpus Christi)
Junior Treasurer: Jonathan Griffiths
Senior Treasurer: Hugh Stewart
Publicity: Hannah Stone
Annette Copping
Adam Hughes
Anthony Stone
 Stephanie Wong (Selwyn)
Sally Vernon (Queens')


8:00 - 10:00 Thursdays, Wesley Church Hall

Other events

Ceilidhs: Oct 18; Nov 16; Feb 1
Jane Austen evening: Feb 8
IVFDF Nottingham

Playford Ball

Never happened
Experimental Ceilidh++ ("Ceilidh with classes") meetings on Tuesday evenings ran in Michaelmas and Lent to Feb 18, aimed at drawing Ceilidh dancers into the Round fold. Drew a certain amount of interest, but never really achieved critical mass.
The Covid pandemic struck in the Lent term so all University Society events shut down
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