The Round 2015-2016


Chairman: Kai Hugtenburg (Sidney Sussex)
Junior Treasurer: Jonathan Griffiths
Senior Treasurer: Hugh Stewart
Publicity: Paula Sturman (Peterhouse)
Annette Copping
Adam Hughes
Anthony Stone
Matthew Vernon (Selwyn)
Sally Vernon (Queens')


8:00 - 10:00 Thursdays, Wesley Church Hall

Other events

Ceilidhs: Oct 17th, Nov 14th, Jan 30th, Mar 4th, April 30th, June 18th
Jane Austen Eve: Jan 16th
IVFDF Exeter, displays were:

Playford Ball

7:30-11:4511th June 2016St Bede's Schoolprice: £Attendance:
Band: Vic Smith and Poppy Weatherall
Never Love Thee More
Lilli Burlero
Step Stately
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jenny Pluck Pears
Fain I Would
The Merry Merry Milkmaids
The Hole in the Wall
The Phoenix
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
The Guid Man of Ballangigh
Parson's Farewell
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Hunsdon House
A Trip to Kilburn
Waters of Holland
The Round
Crossing the Dyke
The Fandango
Sellenger's Round

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