The Round 2003-2004


Chairman: Emma Darby (Christ's)
Junior Treasurer: Joanna Buckingham (New Hall)
Senior Treasurer: Hugh Stewart
Publicity: Eleanor Green (Peterhouse)
Dave Ansell (Clare)
Rachel Causier (Magdalene)
Lizzie Dougherty (Emmanuel)
Alison Edmonson (Jesus)
Naomi Herbert (Newnham)
Helen Webb (Newnham)
Anthony Stone
Andrew Swaine


8:00 - 10:00 Thursdays, Wesley Church Hall

Other events

Ceilidhs: Oct 11th, Nov 28th, Jan 24th, Feb 14th, April 24th
IVFDF Exeter, displays were: Dutch Crossing with umbrellas, Heswall & West Kirby Jubilee for 8 couples

75th Birthday Party

7:30-11:006th December 2003St Bede's Schoolprice: £7:50Attendance: 100
Band: The Usual Suspects (Gina+Dave Holland, Thomas Bending)
Faithless Nancy Dawson
The Doldrum
A Midsummer Asembly
Scout House Reel
Step Stately
The Lacemaker
Mr Ganiford's Maggot
An Enchanted Place
The Queen's Jig
Balance the Star
Long Odds
The Good Man of Cambridge
The Fandango
Waterfall Waltz
Levi Jackson Rag
Sellenger's Round

Playford Ball

7:30-11:4512th June 2004St Bede's Schoolprice: £10:00
Band: Jim and Denis (i.e. Coleman and Smith)
The Guidman of Ballangigh
The Merry Andrew
Parson's Farewell
The Queen's Jig
Step Stately
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Greensleeves and Yellow Lace
29th of May
Miss Sayer's Allemande
The Whirligig
Well Hall
Black Nag
Apley House
Jacob Hall's Jig
Kelsterne Gardens
My Lord Byron's Maggot
Mage on a Cree
The Pheonix
John Tallis' Canon
Gathering Peascods

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