The Round 1993-94


Chairman: Linda McLatchie (St John's) to Christmas, then Gina Millard (Anglia)
Junior Treasurer: Emma Rushton
Senior Treasurer: Hugh Stewart
Brian Abram
Tom Goodale (Robinson)
Cyril Papworth
Harsha Ramanathan (Trinity)
Bibi Sachs
Anthony Stone


8:00 - 10:15 Thursdays, Friends' Meeting House

Other events

26th February 1994: Anglo-Scottish evening with the Scottish Society
4-5th March 1994: IVFDF at Manchester

Playford Ball

7:30-11:4511th June 1994Netherhall Upper Schoolprice: £7:50Attendance: 114
Band: Wild Thyme
Never Love Thee More
The Fandango
The Phoenix
Picking Up Sticks
Well Hall
The Round Pond
Broom, the Bonny, Bonny Broom
Juice of Barley
Chelsea Reach
The Shresbury Lasses
The Round
The Black Nag
The Doldrum
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Jenny Pluck Pears
The Bishop
Parson's Farewell
Step Stately
John Tallis's Cannon
The Whirligig
Indian Princess
Note: All dances may be "Ladies' Choice," at the dancers' discretion.
Cyril Papworth appointed President on 2nd June 1994
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