The Round 1936-37


Chairman: Frank Stubbins (Emmanuel)
Treasurer: Dr J Needham (Caius)
Organisatrix:Jessie Collinson (Newnham)Alice Crouch (Girton)--
Organiser:Gordon Barclay (Trinity)Pat Shuldham-Shaw (Queens')--
Mary Cross
Betty Hanniford
Myfanwy Jones Girton
Arthur Peck
Russel Wortley
John Salter Magdalene
Pat Shuldham-Shaw (Queens') (co-opted Nov 23rd)


Party Nov 30 8:15-10:45 Clough Hall, Newnham
Christchurch Bells
Gathering Peascods
Flowers of Edinburgh
Hunsdon House
Black Nag
Three Meet
  Running Set
Pop Goes the Weasel
Rufty Tufty
Twenty-Ninth of May
Pickng up Sticks
Sellenger's Round
Haste to the Wedding
Piper's Fancy
Greensleves and Yellow Lace
The Round
Durham Reel
June 7 1937 St John's Parish Hall, Blinco Grove 8:15-11:15
The Flowers of Edinburgh
Jack's Maggot
The Yorkshire Square Eight
A Trip to Paris
Hunsdon House
Piper's Fancy
  Running Set
Norfolk Long Dance
The Maid in the Moon
Greenwich Park
Hey Boys, up go We
The Boatman
Sellenger's Round
"Towards the end of the evening Anna Bidder (invited guest, chairman of the local EFDS branch) taught us a
new dance - "a little thing of my own"- called Faithless Nancy Dawson, to the tune of "a-Roving."  A pleasing
dance, and fits its music well."
(English Dance & Song Volume 1 Number 5, April 1937, has an article which starts:
"An evening of "Invented" Dances at Cecil Sharp House" and goes on to say " Anna Bidder's three dances were very enjoyable"
but neglects to say what those dances were)

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