The Round 1932-33


Chairman: Mr W H Palmer (Fitzwilliam)
Junior Treasurer:
Senior Treasurer:
Organisatrix:Delia Simpson (Newnham)Miss M Rawnsley (Girton)Margaret Burgess (Newnham)
Organiser:David Callum (St Catharine's)Mr R Wortley (Caius)Mr W Abson (Fitzwilliam)


8:30 - 11:30 Tuesday 22nd November 1932 at the Central Labour Hall.
Tuesday May 2nd 1933 at the Central Labour Hall, with a display from the Cambridge Morris Men (the first of many Round parties with a CMM display)

On June 7th 1933 the Secretary of the Newnham Folk Dance Society reported to a general meeting that

"Though the meetings had been quite well attended at the beginning of the year, the attendance had fallen off badly at the end of the Michaelmas Term, largely, it was thought, because parties at which dances were taught had been started at Newnham Croft Institute and many NFDS members had been attending these as members of the Round. In the Lent term, ... meetings were held once a fortnight only, alternately with the parties at Newnham Croft Institute. In the Easter Term, these parties became a recognised branch of the Round's activities."

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