Dances Lent 2023

This page lists the dances that were called at The Round during the Lent Term 2023.

You can find dances for other terms at, or you can search the whole dance history for a particular dance or caller, or list the dances called most often in a range of years.

For more information about any of the dances, try Hugh Stewart’s English Country Dance Database or Antony Heywood’s Dance Database.

Week 1 (19 January)

Jane Usher

  • The Fandango
  • Sapphire Sea
  • Indian Queen
  • Grimstock
  • Black Nag

Spikey Griffiths

  • Sun Assembly
  • Fiddleheads
  • Emma’s Waltz
  • The Geudman of Ballangigh
Week 2 (26 January)

Hugh Stewart

  • The Dressed Ship
  • The Dancing Wife
  • Chinese Breakdown
  • Midnight Ramble

Isabelle Woodford

  • The Black Nag
  • Grimstock

John Thoburn

  • The Fast Packet
  • Autumn Moon
  • Never Love Thee More