Longways for as many as will; in one part (10th Ed., 1698)


N.B. - The tune is in triple time, i.e., three steps to the bar.
(Duple minor-set.)
A1–4First man casts down below second man, crosses over and passes clockwise round second woman into the second place on his own side, the second man moving up into first place.
5–8First woman casts down below second woman, crosses over and passes counter clockwise round first man into the second place on her own side, the second woman moving up into first place.
B1–2First man and first woman cast up to the top, second couple moving down into their own place.
3–4First and second men go back-to-back with their partners.
5–8Circular-hey once round, partners facing (sk.s.).
9–12First couple leads down the middle six steps (r.s.), and back again and casts down into the second place (sk.s.), second couple moving up into first place in the last bar (progressive).

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart