Longways for as many as will; in one part (11th Ed., 1701)


(Duple minor-set.)
A11–8First man goes the hey with first and second women (passing second woman by the right).
A21–8First woman goes the hey with first and second men (passing second man by the left).
B11–4First man crosses over, passes counter-clockwise round second woman and returns to his place; while first woman crosses over, passes clockwise round second man and returns to her place.
5–8Circular-hey, three changes, partners facing.

Variations are common. Here’s a 32 bar version:

  • First man hey with the two women
  • First woman hey with the two men
    • (I like to interpret this as 2nd woman go to ones and hey with them across the set, and then she drops out and her partner takes over the hey without the ones noticing the substitution)
  • Ones cross and cast and half-figure eight up
  • Four changes of a circular hey

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart