Longways for as many as will; in two parts (7th Ed., 1686)


First Part.
A1–4All face up and set-and-honour to the Presence.
5–8Partners set-and-honour.
9–12Partners lead up a double and fall back a double to places.
13–16That again.

Second Part.
(Duple minor-set.)
A11–4Partners go back-to-back passing by the right.
5–8That again passing by the left.
9–16First man and woman fo the Figure-8 through second couple, first man passing counter-clockwise round second woman and clockwise round second man to place; while first woman passes clockwise round second man and counter-clockwise round second woman to place (sk.s.).
A21–2Hands four half-way round (sl.s.).
3–4All fall back a double.
5–8Partners cross over and change places (progressive).

Nowadays generally danced with part 1 as an introduction, followed by several turns of Part 2, followed by a finale of Part 1 in reverse: up a double and back twice, step and honour partner, Presence.
Generally danced to slow music (I doubt I have ever slipped the circle half the way Sharp tells us to). You may feel the urge to follow the left-hands-across with a left shoulder back to back.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart