Longways for as many as will; in one part (11th Ed., 1701)


(Duple minor-set.)
A11–4First man and second man side with their partners.
5–8First man and second man go back-to-back with their partners.
A21–4The two men side; while the two women side.
5–8The two men go back-to-back; while the two women do the same.
B11–4The two men turn once-and-a-half round and change places; while the two women do the same (sk.s.) (progressive).
5–8Partners turn (r.s.).
B21–8First man and first woman go the Figure-8 through the second couple (r.s.), the first man crossing over, passing clockwise round second woman and counter-clockwise round second man, the first woman crossing over, passing counter-clockwise round second man and clockwise round second woman.

[Nowadays this is generally danced with the first couple improper:
Side with partner; back to back partner
Side with neighbour; back to back neighbour
Two-hand turn neighbour once and a half; two-hand turn partner once
Ones full figure eight up through twos (who can cast to turn it into a double-figure-eight if they like)

In the Graded Series Cecil Sharp says (sk.s.) for the full figure eight in B2.]

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart