Longways for as many as will; in one part (10th Ed., 1698)


(Triple minor-set.)
A1–4First man casts down below third couple and stands between third man and woman, all three facing up.
5–6First woman casts down below second woman and stands between second man and woman, all three facing down.
7–8Opposites set to one another i.e., first man to his partner, second woman to third woman and second man to third man.
B1–4Second couple and first woman hands-three; while third couple and first man do the same.
5–8The same again, counter-clockwise.
C1–8First woman and second couple go the hey (first woman facing second man and passing by the right); while third couple and first man do the same (first man facing third woman and passing by the right), the first couple falling into the second place and the second couple into first place (progressive)..
D1–4First couple leads down through the third couple and cast up into second place.
5–8First couple leads up through the second couple and casts down into the second place.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart