Longways for six; in three parts (1st Ed., 1650).


Running-step throughout the dance.
First Part
A1–4All lead up a double and fall back a double to places.
5–8That again.
B11–4First and second women and second and third men fall back two steps, cross over and change places, first woman with second man and second woman with third man.
5–8First man and third woman cross over and change places.
B21–8All that again, to places.

Second Part
A1–4Partners side.
5–8That again.
B11–4The men take hands, fall back a double and move forward a double to places; while the women do the same.
5–8First & third men, first & third women, second man & second woman, arm with the right and fall back to places.
B21–4As in B1.
5–8Partners turn.

Third Part
A11–4Partners arm with the right.
5–8Partners arm with the left.
B11–4The men go four slips up, while the women go four slips down, so that third man faces first women.
5–8Progressive hey, handing, three changes, to places, third man and first woman beginning the movement. (In the third and last change, second man turns his partner once round with the right hand, while first and third men turn their partners three-quarters round.)
B21–8Same movement as in B1, except that the men slip down and the women slip up, and first man and third woman begin the progressive hey, giving left hands.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart