Longways for as many as will; in one part (9th Ed. 1695).


(Duple minor-set.}
A11–4First man turns second woman with the right hand and then turns his partner with the left.
5–8First couple and second woman hands-three, counter-clockwise, to places.
A21–4Second man turns first woman with the left hand and then turns his partner with the right.
5–8Second couple and first woman hands-three, clockwise, to places.
B11–4First man and first woman lead down the middle, change hands, lead up and stand between second man and second woman, all four facing up.
5–8Taking hands, all four move up a double and fall back a double, first couple into second place, second couple into first place (progressive).
B21–4First and second couples hands-four.
5–8First man and first woman lead up the middle, and cast down into second place.

The Round believes in doing this fast, with forearm holds for the turns in A1 and A2.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart