Longways for as many as will; in one part (Vol 2, 4th Ed. 1728).


(Triple minor-set.}
A1–4First man turns second woman half-way round, with the right hand. First man then passes clockwise round second man and returns to his place; while second woman passes clockwise round first woman and returns to her place.
5–8First woman turns second man half-way round. First woman then passes clockwise round first man and returns to her place; while second man passes clockwise round second woman and returns to his place.
B11–8First man and first woman lead down the middle, while second man and second woman cast up and then follow behind them. First and second couples lead through the third couple, cast up, men to the right and women to their left, and return to places.
B21–4First and second men lead a double to the left wall, change hands, and lead a double back again to places; while first and second women lead to the right wall and back again in like manner.
5–6Partners set.
7–8First man and first woman cast down into second place, second couple moving up into first place (progressive).

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart