The Round 1981-82


President: William Palmer
Chairman: Jim Etherton (Queens')
Junior Treasurer: Aidan Whitfield
Senior Treasurer: Jim Greenwood
Ros Sawyer (Newnham)
Emma Wilkinson
Gloria Roberts
Bibi Sachs
Philippa Wright


8:00 - 10:15 Thursdays, Friends' Meeting House, 25p per evening

Other events

Anglo Scottish evening 7:45 13th February 1982, Wesley Hall, King St
IVFDF Reading, 19th February, 15 people went, 8 displayed KRS

Playford Ball

7:30-11:4512th June 1982Homertonprice: £4:00Attendance: 122
Band: Led by Norman Bett (paid £50)
Never Love Thee More
The Queen's Jig
*Hey Boys, up go we
The Guidman of Ballangigh
Step Stately
Jacob Hall's Jig
Chelsea Reach
*The Bishop
Parson's Farewell
Sion House
The Whirligig
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Mage on a Cree
The Shrewsbury Lasses
The Phoenix
*The Hole in the Wall
Picking up Sticks
Jack's Maggot
Sellenger's Round

Jim Etherton led a campaign to re-record dances onto short tapes
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