The Round 1943-44


Chairman: Joan Spaul (Newnham + CTC)
Senior Treasurer: William Palmer
Peggy Brown (Girton)
Gwen Ingledew (Newnham)
Arthur Peck
Elizabeth Poyser (Newnham)
Russell Wortley td>--
Organiser:Sheila Harvey (Newnham)Sheila Harvey (Newnham)Joan Blacklocks (QMC)
--Joan Blacklocks (QMC)
(QMC - sic, London colleges were evacuated to Cambridge for the war)


Saturdays, 4.15-6.30 at Fitzroy Hall. (Morris from 3.00-4:15)


Michaelmas Term Party Monday November 29th, 7:00-10:30 Sidgwick Hall, Newnham
Attendance: 25; music: Grace North on piano
Greenwich Park
Hey Boys, up go we
The Geud Man of Ballangigh
Juice of Barley
Mage on a Cree
Morpeth Rant
The Health
Trip to Paris
The Merry Merry Milkmaids
Orleans Baffled
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Step Stately
Jack's Maggot
Old Noll's Jig
Sellenger's Round
Lent Term Party Thursday March 9th, 7:30-10:00 Sidgwick Hall, Newnham
Attendance: 30; music: Grace North on piano
Easter Term Party Tuesday June 6th, 7:00-10:00 Fitzroy Hall
Attendance: 27; music: Grace North on piano
Meeting programmes
top ten dances:
     21 KRS
     15 Mr Beveridge's Maggot
     13 The Health
     13 Newcastle
     13 Mage on a Cree
     12 Step Stately
     11 Orleans Baffled
     10 Parson's Farewell
     10 Old Noll's Jig
     10 Nonesuch
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