The Round 1939-40


Chairman: Jack Vyse (Corpus Christi & Westcott House) (never appeared, but appointed Arthur Peck Acting Chairman)
Senior Treasurer: William Palmer
Joan Edwards
Betty Monkhouse
Ruth Scott (Newnham)
Russel Wortley
Organisatrix:Katharine Freemantle (Girton)Katharine Freemantle (Girton)Katharine Freemantle (Girton)
Organiser:Arthur Peck (Christ's)Arthur Peck (Christ's)Arthur Peck (Christ's)


Wednesdays, 8.15-10.15 at Fitzroy Hall. Typically 25 dancers doing 10 dances to Grace North's piano
Subscriptions: 1/- per year (or 6d per term), 9d per meeting, 1/6 party + preceding class


Michaelmas Term Party Wednesday December 6th, 8.00-10:30, Clough Hall, Newnham
Attendance: about 50
Greenwich Park
The Boatman
Never Love Thee More
Step Stately
Old Noll's Jig
The Geudman of Ballangigh
The Health
    C.M.M. (+food)
Parson's Farewell
Gathering Peascods
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Juice of Barley
The Morpeth Rant
Lent Term Party Thursday March 14th, 7:45-10:45, St John's Hall, Blinco Grove
Attendance: 36
Easter Term Party Wednesday May 15th, 7:45-10:45, St John's Hall, Blinco Grove
Attendance: 33
A summer party in Girton on June 5th was cancelled because the war caused a sudden (earlier) end of term. (An invasion scare?)
Members of London Colleges (evacuated to Cambridge) were invited to join the Round.
Russel Wortley (+ Edna) were married on May 4th 1940; the Round gave them an oven-ware dish called "The Phoenix" and a stand to put it in.
6 members of the Round attended the EFDSS summer school at Stratford-on-Avon August 3-11
Meeting programmes
top ten dances:
      9 Juice of Barley
      8 Gathering Peascods
      7 Jacob Hall's Jig
      7 Greenwich Park
      6 The Health
      5 The Phoenix
      5 Never Love Thee More
      5 Bury Fair
      5 Apley House
      4 The Boatman
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