Dances Michaelmas 2021

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The following dances were called at The Round during the Michaelmas Term 2021.

Hugh Stewart’s English Country Dance Database has information about many of the dances.

Week 1 (7 October)

Sally Vernon

  • Childgrove
  • Maggie’s Ginger Jig
  • The Fast Packet

Colin Hume

  • The Black Nag
  • Die Woaf
  • Thady You Gander
  • The Heathfield Rag
Week 2 (14 October)

Spikey Griffiths

  • Flirtation Reel
  • Nottingham Swing
  • Miss Sayers’ Allemand
  • La Russe

Hugh Stewart

  • Portsmouth
  • Waterfall Waltz
  • Steamboat
  • The Leaving of Liverpool
  • Devil’s Dream